Saturday, August 13, 2011

obsess, yes yes

his is what

he is what 

homo say what?

aw snap, mama is the homophobes now...

hetero say what?

aw snap, mama is the heterophobes now...

he is still what.

he is alive & he is gone.

mama is trying...

be nice to mama's poetic sense right now. mama just went to a death metal fest yesterday where there was too much satan in everyone's pants and she saw this band, all shall perish, & the singer dedicated one of his songs to the best blowjob he ever got & while he was singing mama knew he'd never been deep-throated then spanked by mama & she thought maybe she'd let him sign her titties out of pity but then she got distracted by the motorcross free-fliers & then she saw a gimp sans ball-gag & then she saw a guy dressed up as a banana & if it hadn't been so fucking hot in atlanta & if the sun wasn't shining down & making mama's new tatt all jesuschristaura-y, mama woulda gone down into that moshpit cos mama's got the rages & they burn so unholy through her that she is left with nothing but cliches & sex to put them out & mama woulda moshed & she woulda gone straight for that banana.

she woulda said, hey banana boy.

she woulda said, banana, i'm coming for you...

& when mama's dead & maybe famous someone working on a phd somewhere might analyze the amount of phallic imagery in this post, yo.

yo, banana.

mama will not even tell you what she did to the pick-up truck full of georgia boys who dared to catcall her as she was searching for her car after the fest in the atlanta heat.

mama was wearing boots.

mama was wearing boots the gimp'd had peed and licked and rubbed his leather cool ranches doritos face on...

mama couldn't help but beat the gimp til he peed then punish him with the lickings & the cool-ranches...

this has gone beyond fetish & death, yo...

mama didn't really touch the gimp.

gimps kinda turn mama off...

mama is obsessed with 

mama is obsessed with a certain he

he used to be a trucker

he used to be

he is still

but mama obsesses 

this is what mama has replaced him with in her obsessions

& it is so nice & the hula hoop is so chartreuse & that is mama's fave color & maybe this went round the Interwebs like two years ago but mama was sitting on her porch with her bourbons and her shotgun then... mama didn't venture out til the trucker showed up on her lawn.

he needed a shower & a shave...

mama'd only had half a jug of bourbon & let him in.

that was probably a mistake.

yours w/out any pix,

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