Tuesday, March 24, 2015

i have been writing about empire

i have not been having capitalist nightmares where i
work and work and work and work and work and work
and work and work and work and work and work and work
and work and work and work and work and work and write

and my writing is not work

it is my work but it is not work

it is not $$, but it is dirty like $$
& you can run your hands all over it
& snort blow through it, if you really want

why is mama talking about $$?

cos mama needs YOU to donate to Tupelo Press in her name

not for love of empire, not for love of $$, not for love of glory, but for love of art & books

the 30/30 Project

mama has been writing a poem a day!!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


here are some phenomenal words about mama's chapbook, i am hopscotch wout hop, from a phenomenal writer/artist/ and all around awesomest human being, Elly Finzer:

"I read a lot of poetry and I've never seen/heard a voice like yours. You're magic dipped in inky tar blown through bubble wands and the words, they coat you in a reasonable facsimile of jarring contentment."

Here is a pic of the awesome Elly (soon PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD) with many beautiful Kleft Jaw books in her hands (because literature, because ART CAN CHANGE THE WORLD; that's not some bullshit treacle saying some Victorian embroidered on a pillow once that is the REAL SHIT that shows up distilled in mash and siphoned into moonshine jugs and it is not koolaid and MAMA IS DRINKING IT UP & SO SHOULD YOU):

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

there are parts of me all over

mama wants to thank Kleft Jaw for publishing the 2nd edition of i am hopscotch w/out hop . the cover is beautiful. the inside is full of the words mama would use to woo you.

i also want to thank The Heavy Contortionists for publishing three (3!!) excerpts from mama's graphic novel in progress (the gnip-gnop). there is mac n' cheese, badminton, death metal, and iceland all around us

& thank you to littletell - a spanking new magazine! - for publishing a poem from my rapunzel collection

thank you to Marathon Literary Review for publishing one of mama's many poems to banksy

please support the literary worlds.

the worlds of literature revolving through cosmos as mama sits on the porch & rocks & sweats & moonshines

mama thinks of you in the literatures. in the pages.

mama thinks of how she'd like to read your skin again...

mama thinks, we'll always have rampions

mama thinks, mwah

Friday, January 30, 2015

One more day...


One more day to sponsor mama for the Woodland Pattern Poetry Marathon! If you pledge $35 or more, I will send you a copy of my latest chapbook, i amhopscotch without hop. not only that, but i'll write you your very poem on the inside of the back cover... because mama loves you

Here is the link.

if you do sponsor mama, even for 5 bones, even for a dollar, even for a shilling, even for one pence, mama will say of you: 

You’re over the rim of the world; you are the rim of the world; you are Chatterly, & you are the gardener & you are the molecules between their kiss

Saturday, January 3, 2015

HAPPY 2015

So, yeah

We meet again all neo-noirish in the back of an alley while a chiaroscuro of shadows plays craps on your neckbones

We meet again all alabamian on my front porch with the sunshines & the moonshine jugs

it's been so long that all the moonshine is gone

mama'll hafta offer you cava in jamjars

here are the mama things of 2014:


this is mama's book of love poetry masquerading as break-up poems. please check it out. support mama. support the small presses! mama'll send you all the sugary love clouds to your next picnics

2. mama is currently at work on a graphic novel. mama has found an artist to collab with! mama is trying not to pee herself with excitement cos these are the fancy sex-making drawers she's got on

3. major upheavals in mama's private life. there is no more boo. mama needs to get her mojo back cos sex on the reg is like white bread and baloney sandwiches for lunch. squishy, predictable, faintly nauseating, and feety-smelling.

4. mama's working on expanding her post-apocalyptic chapbook, The way the sky was now into a book-length collection

FOR 2015:


plus, mama promises either to be a better blogger or to get a webpage (& keep it current)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

all the shit mama has learned being published & being an editor

1) this is not definitive; so not really all the shit

2) mama will not be all postmodern & not number or mis-number shit

3)the 1st 2 are life lessons which should be learned by all, writers & non-writers alike

4) you will publish your book. it will be like giving birth or getting really high or the unbelievable sensation of getting really high & giving birth AT THE SAME TIME.

5) there will be peeps that care about your book & there will be peeps that don't. you will be friends with both.

6) your book will probably not make any kind of list. at first, at least.

7) there is always hope.

8) if you are a woman, you will be called a female author. it reminds you of MTV. it reminds you of jock culture, rape culture, football.

9) there is a relationship between #6 and #8, sometimes. hell, a lot of the time.

10) you still love your press & any press that puts out unknown peeps.

11) sometimes presses will publish books by peeps with clout. some kind of clout. or cloud. maybe they pulled that cloud out of the sky that i wanted to give you.

12) mama understands that (#11). when mama was a poetry editor at a university lit mag, mama was proud of getting to publish the "big" (recognizable) names... mama was even more proud to publish the peoples whose poetry did the new things, tho.

13) sometimes the new things are the old things to some people & then sometimes the new things are incomprehensibly new

14) mama thinks when the new things come from women the world has no way to categorize these new things. they are not like BECKETT; they are not like GENET; they are not like JOYCE; they are not.

14+) mama was not gonna try to get all political-y, but notice the race+gender of these experimental masters

14++) someone will say well, there are others...

14+++) & there are, like Kathy Acker, like Gerald Vizenor, like Octavia Butler, like ? (who is being taught now as experimental); this is not meant to be an indictment of race+gender in terms of experimental writing. this is just to show that mama, by some lucky whim, encountered some not totally white+male experimentalism

14++++) there is MAGICAL REALISM but it is magical & it is magic; don't touch it

14 something) yeah, magical realism has found a nice niche in academia so touch it all you want, mom & dad. & OULIPO, grope the fuck out of OULIPO, mom & dad. do it. they want you to. as long as you obey their rules.

15) what mama was trying to say is experimental writing by women is often overlooked or devalued or ignored

16) what else she was trying to say was that she loves all the presses who have taken a chance on her... she also loves all the women out there writing the things that are new & edgy & exciting & uncategorizable & please keep doing it. all you brave women writing.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

the gin bathtub sings

there be new news so mama heaves herself forth yo even tho there's mermaids in her gin claw-footed tub & they sing each to each & mama's pants'd be rolled if mama wore pants & mama dares to eat a peach:

1. mama done won this & mama wants to thank Heavy Feather Review & Amber Sparks & ohmygod mama now has to get a tattoo of a balaclavaed baby in a baobab-fingered palm on her neck...

2. mama's gonna see the great southwest writers she met last year - Frankie Met, Lindsey Thomas, Elly Finzer, & so many many more. this weekend! & mama & her boo'll do the not-breaking bad tour & won't think about meth amphetamines as they sleep in the hostel & will miss the bathtub gins &  mama's finger waved curls...

3. it'll be halloween soon...

4. mama could make a joke about weenies but mama likes weenies just like a FB friend posted today about how she loved men. mama loves the mens too. just ask them...

5. & mama's been thinking about gender & things & gendery things but mama won't ruin this newmoon/Saturn/Halloween/paganfisttocandyface/paganfisting/christ'snotfishing celebration to wax lugubriously on the inequalities or how the ages be creeping up like a creepy creeper on the womens while the ages settle in like a catnip catting thing on the mens

6. there will be babies & smashings!

7. that is a balaclava baby. like it says. that is mama's best photoshoppings done from mama's bathtub of singing gins.

yours in sinning gins,