Friday, March 2, 2018

I'm back, bitches!

busy working on the sequel to Homegirl! thought about calling it Run Homegirl Run but this title stuck: Get Home Girl. It's nothing like Gone Girl and nothing like Run Rabbit Run and everything like a Converse shoe box from your teenaged past you find decades full up with the teenage heart you ripped out of your own chest after you realized nothing made sense after you realized the absurdity of existence after you realized you will always be you and stuck with you and who could ever love you after you smashed your bean burrito with bare hands at dinner instead of raging wild smashing suburban windows and heads after you went moshing but were woman breathing in the exuded sweat of pure misogyny all around you after you played the high school version of boys chase girls and no one chased after you...

also, here's an interview with me:

love you more than all the dandelion fluff in the world,