Monday, August 12, 2013

this is for my boo

i will give you all the juice boxes in the world

i will make sure all the straws have pointy ends &
you can plunge right in. i'll brown bag you cookies & roll you
in napkins. we are talking lunches forever. i will CSA
you. i will leave you greens on your doorstep.
there'll be salads on your steps all the way to the sidewalk
to the street to your job and back again. you'll parade
in leaves
& there's a fox
in my hen house. there's eggs to be taken.
there's crayon drawings on my ovaries & you flashlight
but not gaslight. i'll give you all the farm creatures. i'll
give you all the old macdonalds. all the old remixes, the techno
beats and glow sticks. vick's vapo-rub & poppers. the left-overs
of rave culture. & that'll be our second course & that'll be dessert
the music
stream that carries you through that takes you beyond
the crummy
juice boxes with non-sucky straws the stale
cookies the greasy bags & napkins the eggs that've
been stolen the eggs that've gone barren the dribbled
juices the smashed gardens the cars speeding through
all the greens & fruit i want to give you