Sunday, February 24, 2013

things mama likes: franco's poetry & ...


but mama does like this poems (which is a response to franco's abysmal obama inauguration poem) by the fabulousness that is Barge Press editors:

James Franco's Poetry: A Biopic that's not by W. Zin Maddey

I'm very proud of this
book. A lot of this
book was written sober. Some, at least. God,
if only you knew how much I drink, and
how frequently. One time, like three years
ago, I didn't drink, and it was horrible. I had this
crazy sober nightmare about a sobbing couch. It
was so long ago, I don't
even remember the stark
details. Furniture that cries is what not
drinking makes me think


Another time, I met Jake
Gyllenhall and Anne
Hathaway. I asked them what they would like
to drink and they both ordered
waters. I asked them what they would like
to eat. Jake ordered
Falaffel. Anne ordered
fattoush. I asked them is everything
okay. At which point, Anne broke out
into tears, crying her face off in utter
sadness. She was experiencing a human
I asked her what up. She
just turned to me
and said, This... is what acting is all
I said an ashy lime is
an indication that I need
another beer.


Abraham Lincoln was born
not far from here. In a town
called Indiana. He is known for
crazy wife, and
potentially being gay
or suffering from Marfan's Syndrome. These
are all false accusations. Abraham Lincoln. He
is no Obama. He is pretty cool
phantom. One day, I met
him, because I am famous because my
book is so good.

By: W. Zin Maddey (nah, sike, by James Franco, a compendium of Spider-Man emotions)

mama also likes this (especially these lines: "Get a little closer let it fold/Cut open my sternum and pull/
My little ribs around you")