Wednesday, July 31, 2013

up & over the mason-dixons

yes childrens. mama's finally done it. mama made her getaway in the middle of the night. mama threw all her possessions on the side of the road for all the weirdos. mama drove & drove & when they asked for papers on the border, mama winked from under her fedora & mama fondled her fake sam elliot moustachio

(remember always the power of sam elliot's moustachio:


& then her boobs & then the kentuckyucky sheriff was all confused...

& childrens, it should be all good but it is like that aphorism of how all food turns to shit & so what's the point of noisediving into the nearest salad bowl unless you like licking the rim

peoples in the north be blunt. in the south, peoples would scrutinize mama's grocery cart; they'd cluck at the legumes & purse their lips at the endive & raise their eyebrows at the mr. bubbles & cava & english cucumber but

they'd never say anything

up here, someone just asked mama what's wrong with her

mama feels obliged to answer (maybe it's the debonair air of elliot's moustachio infecting mama)

this is what's wrong with mama:

1. mama could drink a whole caseload of ludes of you & then she'd be all shivery-opium reclining on a velvet divan & the day would hum & glow bright cathode ray television around her

2. if mama were a gif she'd shim sham shimmy in your pancakes

3. mama waits for a goodnight text & there's a moon & there's a chair & a bowl full of mash with a spoon & the mash's not even bourbons

4. it is 3 am & there are stop and go lights all around & a chorus of existentialists who fosse against the strictures of society

5. mama just dropped a reference to the "strictures of society" & mama cannot bear to stop being self-referential in her lists

6. mama wants to hang with the new york school of poets 2 & start a band & make paper dolls out of billy collins sonnets

7. all mama needs is 14 lines, a scissors, & some good pounding


9. this list is not postmodern enough & mama will baldwin chaos into art

10. that would be james bladwin, not alec or any of his brothers cos alec & his brothers would just eat all the salad greens & then fight cos that is what siblings do cos love & hate is no dichotomy

11. dichotomize this, please

12. mama loses peoples cos of the skull-fucks