Friday, December 30, 2011

i wants a grand gesture

i've been waiting for the grand gesture.

& you all are probably like, oh mama, really? really? well, the ones who care about mama. or the ones who don't like drama. or the ones who don't like to see peeps self immolate in a combustion of semi fumes & self loathing, yo.

mama's been waiting for a trucker to show up with boombox aloft or his beaded seat cover cut out in the form of mama cos he wants to be close to mama so close or melty chocolatey soy ice cream & some rope & a peony or a stainless steel retro toaster & sliced bread or even just some goddamned toast...

no one ever brings mama toast.

or a pinball machine where the trucker's scored all the top scores & instead of his initials put in 4Mama or just him naked on my rents' weedy front lawn with a tattoo of him & mama fucking on his cock or a tatt of mama's pussy on his hand so he can think about mama as he rubs it out incessantly cos he is not near mama...

or he drives his semi up unto mama's alabama front lawn & stops just at the edge of her porch & he jumps out & it is so blue all around & mama's up from her glider & mama's dropped her whiskey jug & mama's wearing a slip & nothing else & she gots big sunglasses on & the trucker grabs her off his porch & crushes him to her & says something good like, beat me, or, i want some bruises, or i've missed your tits, or, i'll leave my mark all over you.

mama's been waiting at love's truck stop.

mama's hungry & they do not have toast.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

mama's in a dark mood

& mama's trying not to go to her dark place. that's why mama's staying clear of the bathtub gins & the root cellar vodkas & the underthefrontporch whiskeys, yo.

one of the things that makes mama the happies is thinking about the imaginative potential in every human being. i know, right? when did mama become such a fucking hippie?

mama ain't no hippie cos mama likes the bathings even if it's in the bathtub gins sometimes.

mama ain't no hippie cos patchouli smells like mildewed patchwork quilts set on fire.

mama was the asshole that set your patchwork quilt on fire, yo.

here is a link to mama's confessions of patchwork quilt immolations.

not really. it is a link to a post on her gracious editors' website where she supports the Occupy Movement & tells you, why.


dark mama