Sunday, September 13, 2009

What this blog's about

This blog is not a porn site. This blog is not about dieting or trying to find the right man or being accepted for who you are or any other chick lit motif circulating out there. This blog is not chick lit. This blog is about a writer surrounded by conformity and trying to write her way out of it. This blog is about stories. This blog is about being too narrative to be experimental and being too "literary" to be mainstream. This blog is dedicated to writers who feel they don't fit in to a system that valorizes crass marketing of art and talent. That's hokey, I know.

This blog is not a manifesto. It's about all kinds of culture shock.

It's about moving from a big city in the North to a small town in the South and seeing just how entrenched "traditional" gender and other social roles can be. It's about my trying to understand a town where RVs descend upon the campus every weekend for the game, where students rev their monster trucks at pre-game parties on my lawn, where on game day, I barricade myself in my house and write...This blog is not anti-football, though. This blog is about investigating the mass ornament, the mob mentality, the anti-individualism of the town I now find myself in.

I'll also be posting some of my work if you want to check out my stuff. Thanks for reading!


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