Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy birthday & lots of ninjas

i am gonna send some birthday ninjas to my little sis. my little sis is not speaking to mama for reasons none of y'all need to know. now i know you're all imagining horrible things that mama's done like stealing her sis's corn on a drunken spree with bukowski. not important, so get out of those goddamned cornfields or wherever else your mind is at...

these ninjas are gonna pop out of her closet and her fridge and the trunk of her black Matrix and a random knot in a tree and a barista's ear and some menacing knoll in her dreams and the ninjas will drop kick that menacing knoll's ass and the ninjas will throw, not those pointyass star things, but confetti and they will whisper happy birthday but there will be so many animal balloon making ninjas decked out in streamers and big quiet shoes that it will sound so much like HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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