Saturday, October 1, 2011

Call me on my bullshit

cos mama knows she gots it. everybody gots the bullshit. so if you think mama needs to be called on it, then go for it.

& then mama'll say, heard.

& then mama might change.

& that's what the US needs to do now. & that's what all the complacent peoples who think, yes, I understand why the 99% are insecure or upset but I've gots a job & I'm healthy & I gots no worries & I'm a productive member of society, unlike those other peoples...

you could lose your job, just like that

you could get sick

you could

mama's thinking about leaving her sunny porch in the bamaz. mama's thinking.

& those of you who are saying America's too stupid to get it. Well, if they only get fed one perspective then they're not stupid, yo...

this is a picture of some of the 700+ peoples trapped on the Brooklyn Bridge today:

this is a pic of a young girl arrested on the bridge today:

which one might scare grandpa & grandma, & which pic do you think yahoo ran today?


1 comment:

  1. sticks and stones... they hurt

    Congrats on getting there.