Thursday, November 3, 2011

this is the shit

that i promised you all a while ago: pix & dicks from mama's tour

these photos are all from or on the way away from mama's first stop, yo, in springfield, mo. that first stop was set up courtesy of one Tracey Parker (who has a very cool etsy store, for reals) and one Lil Olive, owner of Good Girl Art Gallery. Here is a photo-journal of it all... (mama hasn't yet taken a pic of the little wooden baby hand with a screw attached that the dentist gave her...mama is not stringing words together here to demonstrate the absurdity of life; this was one of the highlights, yo but it wasn't squalid & it wasn't mama puking in an alley or falling in love & getting her heart busted or someone falling in love with mama & getting his or her heart walked all over with big motherfucking boots or something muchmuch worse, like what happens to Homegirl or Richboy or Punkboy or even the bartender with the birdlike hands...)

glitter jesus showed up for the reading...

mama stayed with tracey parker, aka trailer parker, aka baby, aka little edie 2

here is grey gardens. it is beautiful. mama misses it so:

& the road back to the alabamaz:

& another road shot cos mama heard the road narratives are hot or something

here is some peace and sanctity:

of course, mama grabbed that glitter jesus & mama took that glitter jesus on home, yo that sanctity is a wtf sanctity & why am i here sanctity & existential sanctity...:

& a should glitter jesus read Homegirl! existential sanctity:
& glitter jesus does:

& glitter jesus continues to readeth:
the end:



  1. I ask you over for - Mmmmmm - odd "jobs", request you wear as little as possible, and still an occasional sleep-over

  2. so jully: is jully pronounced julie or july or i'm not ready for this jully?