Tuesday, October 29, 2013

the gin bathtub sings

there be new news so mama heaves herself forth yo even tho there's mermaids in her gin claw-footed tub & they sing each to each & mama's pants'd be rolled if mama wore pants & mama dares to eat a peach:

1. mama done won this & mama wants to thank Heavy Feather Review & Amber Sparks & ohmygod mama now has to get a tattoo of a balaclavaed baby in a baobab-fingered palm on her neck...

2. mama's gonna see the great southwest writers she met last year - Frankie Met, Lindsey Thomas, Elly Finzer, & so many many more. this weekend! & mama & her boo'll do the not-breaking bad tour & won't think about meth amphetamines as they sleep in the hostel & will miss the bathtub gins &  mama's finger waved curls...

3. it'll be halloween soon...

4. mama could make a joke about weenies but mama likes weenies just like a FB friend posted today about how she loved men. mama loves the mens too. just ask them...

5. & mama's been thinking about gender & things & gendery things but mama won't ruin this newmoon/Saturn/Halloween/paganfisttocandyface/paganfisting/christ'snotfishing celebration to wax lugubriously on the inequalities or how the ages be creeping up like a creepy creeper on the womens while the ages settle in like a catnip catting thing on the mens

6. there will be babies & smashings!

7. that is a balaclava baby. like it says. that is mama's best photoshoppings done from mama's bathtub of singing gins.

yours in sinning gins,

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