Monday, May 23, 2011

there are things too terrible to say but this is not that

this post is for the 7th Language/Place Blog Carnival. it is mama's meditation on the novel she's working on called The Hater's Winter. the novel has a hater & in at least one chapter there's winter. mama may have been huffing things while meditating on her novel. she may not have. she doesn't remember. it was just another monday evening down in the bamas...

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there is too much narrative and it is buzzing

there is too much narrative and it is a-rodeoing

there is too much narrative and a stranger comes to town

when the stranger comes the town rubber bands

when the stranger comes there's an increase in kool-aid & dope fiends

oh, yeah

that might be too narrative; that might equator

there are kool-aid & sex fiends in your winter

there is a winter and there is a hater

the hater lives. she lives in the winter. she breathes it in & the winter congeals

the winter tumbles. the winter corpuscles. the winter tongues.

the laws of physics do not apply to some narratives...

                    especially when there's too many kool-aid strangers

the only equation here was stolen from a blog

when strangers come to blogs there is sex-doping

this only equation has nothing to do

this only equation has nothing to do with narratives or strangers

the winter breathes in the hater and she goes dope-sex carnivaling

she goes doping she goes sexing she leaves you fiending on your couch

you drink kool-aid and you tumble

you drink kool-aid & your tongue's now her hater

it is snowing

it is snowing & there is a stranger

it is snowing & there's a hate in your winter

yours w/ luv,

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  1. Love the rhythm of this, the repetition of the words, esp the plays of dope and fiend. The last line - yes. Peace...