Friday, May 13, 2011

tomorrow: guest post; today: hate

tomorrow: caleb ross's stranger will tour stops here! mama's so excited cos someone's actually stopping by & doesn't mind the chilluns & the empty highball glasses & the mama's in a housecoat cos all her mumus got burned up by her last ex right before he left cos alagasco shut off the oven again & he needed somethings to start a fire cos he lost his lighter & you know...

today: hate
mama did the hate fucking once. only once. she left her boots on. this was way back when mama was a willow & a teen & she had the passions for more than just the muscly men in her stories...

mama's lying here; mama's always got the passions cos she's like mel gibson minus the christ & equal the crazy & minus the misogyny and equal the drunk dialings...

mama once had a guy say, i think i'm beginning to hate you...

mama appreciated the honesty. for realsies.

& that's when mama finally gots the allure of films like casablanca and an affair to remember. it took mama a long time. before she always wanted to share. she craved intimacy: the hairs all over the bathroom counter. the burnt toast scrapings. the beer bottle caps underneath her feets. the sheriff knocking at her door & asking, this one yours? the sheriff knocking again and again.

mama's lying again. mama's got more class than you think. she's drinking cava. from a jelly jar. but cava nonetheless, you snobs.

(mama didn't mean it, babies. mama loves you all.)



  1. I can't believe how much I love you. For realsies.

  2. aw shuckies, thanks S.L... if you're ever in the alabamaz mama'll console you by taking you to the nearest vfw & buying you all the bourbons you need...