Wednesday, August 31, 2011

i heart you all, even you pythagoras

& i am trying so hard not to call myself mama too much +  i am trying so hard not to steal pix from the interwebs x  i am waiting on pix from a guy you don't know / the number of penis pix on my cell phone + my age - my salary + the # of times my heart has been brokenheartedness / the # of literary cool kids who've stopped by my blog x the turk's circumference - e. said's disapproval of what he thinks is mama's exoticism x the second the lit cool kids were here + the # of sweatbeads drip-dropped down mama's boot at mayhem x the # of heavy-metallers who head-banged & puked / by your dispapproval of mama / by your disapproval of mama's choice of words / by your dispapproval of mama's choice of words & the arrangings of them - mama's hatred of false humility




for reals


yours foreverever (foreverever?)

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  1. tryna figure out mama's computations (scratches head)..