Sunday, February 5, 2012

mama's working on a top secret

project, yo

& it involves poetry & it is collab & here is a piece (it is not a piece of tail but you could print it out & fuck on it if you wanted to):

is it bad

that i wish on you
an incurable disease that makes
your skin slough off where you have
tattoos. in the shower, on your bed sheets,
on your fixie on the streets of somewhere; your sloughing
skin a streamer behind you a rainbow of sprinkles
like cupcake frosting. you could never get
her name fixed on you then. good-bye punk good bye
love. she’d ask you for
proof & you’d go to the parlor & the needle
would bite your skin again & again & again & then
rainbow streamer sloughedoff streets fixie mother fucker,
yeah you. 

another piece from this super-secret project is finna be published at Unshod Quills, yo. it is called, "Sharks infest these waters & no one believes" & it reminds mama back in the day when she hung out at the home of the beautiful dive bar & they would play Morphine & peeps would sneak down to the basement & do lines of blow off aging strippers & now mama's feeling all warm & nostalgics...

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