Saturday, July 7, 2012

mama'll bring you the moonshines

since you haven't come to mama, mama'll come to you

& mama knows that's a cliche & mama knows it bothers some established writers (whatever that means) when one acknowledges you are using a cliche (& also SWITCHING POV!), but sometimes a cliche is all you gots & sometimes you are using the cliche to comment upon it & sometimes the cliche clings to your thigh like a used condom your lover left in your bed after he left without kissing you good-bye...

you woulda turned your head away, anyway

mama won't turn her head away & mama'll bring you the moonshines just like in the pic

but mama'll punch your face if you ever make her feel inhibited

if you make mama ever say sorry in bed you are done for

done for in more than a nasty sweaty whips & chains & hairshirts way

this is an excerpt from Homegirl!

this excerpt explains nothing about mama & her moonshines:

& Homegirls called Homegirl cos shes always and forever looking for that home and always and forever resisting that urge to find home. She thinks love can be a home. She runs from the love that can be a home straight to the guys who want to knock that home on its ass, that want to raze every wall and kick in every door and break every tooth in that home. Guys like Richboy.
Shes a modern day fucking Dorothy from Oz and instead of ruby slippers, bitch has a gun. & instead of the lion, the woodsman, and the scarecrow, shes gots her brains, her looks, and her cunt.

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