Monday, July 12, 2010

Because I am slow to figure things out and have that deep fear of commitment

These kids are doing groovy, chic, cheeky things with the word-thingies. 52250 A Year of Flash They're gonna flash each week for a year; they've been going since May. As usual, I'm slow on the updraw. I'd lose in a showdown. My hand'd be stuck on my holster or my spur would catch on my chaps and it'd all be over.

Don't forget to check out all the gems in the archives. I like how they play with the wordstuffs.

Quick picks:
Week 1: "Breadfruit" by Elizabeth J. Colen
Week 2: "Before Leaving Town" - Jane Hammons and "The Microseconds" - Christian Bell
Week 4: "A Mountain So Lost" by Sheldon Lee Compton

And and and &&&&&&...

Guest-blogging rocks! Devil horns to xTx for letting my PARIAH come out and play:

Super devil horns to xTx cos her stuff rocks! I don't believe those women are sleeping either...

Yours & how,

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