Friday, July 30, 2010

I am not feeling the last post as much as the two before it

& two writers said of the "sleep. snort. fuck. y'all" post that it was full of perverse anger.

I was feeling that.

I'm working on a new character for my angry-young-woman novel. I'm thinking about starting a new genre and switching the words around: young angry woman. Yaw. To gape wide open.

Almost as good as vaglit or cuntlit. Yawlit.

My new character's name is Casualty. He carries Mason jars of weed with him wherever he goes; he lives with his hippie dad. He knows music & drugs & little else.

& maybe he's responsible for the ravers in my brain...

Here's a link to a published chapter of Homegirl

Fuck yeah, homegirl!

Yours in yaw,


  1. homegirl rocks. i enjoyed reading that piece on sleep.snort.fuck. the complexities of her character and her willingness to deep throat are compelling. good stuff.

  2. thanks. if Homegirl were allowed her own FB profile, her status right now would be Homegirl! thanks the Meth Lab for saying nicey nice things and for all that meth, too.