Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The epic-ness continues

(The second strophe contributed by Stacia M. Fleegal, who not only is an editor at Imaginary Friend Press, but also one at Blood Lotus, plus she has two poetry books coming out soon soon soon and everyone should buy one - and watch out, world cos she's got mores...  + bonus, she's one of the coolest chicks I know)

First epic poem for Sleazio & C in Milwaukee's Best

I like to touch your osso buco and your
billy beard. I know by heart the curling
hairs and the marrow I suck down nightly,
your old man nipple and the hip hop heart
you try to hide beneath that cool jazz veneer.
We are too beautiful and we'll take our
shit to Bremen Street; we'll flagrante delicto

and if my tattoos could impersonate                      
Gaga, they'd bossily, saucily say
let's have some fun, this beat's my dub,
I wanna take a ride on your billy club.
I'm so glad you're done fucking
around with that Dickinson chick--isn't
she a lesbian? Come
enjoy the company of a woman
whose clothes are already off.

We'll make you say oh-oh-oh,
Ry & Stacia

P.S. More champagne, more toastes (a collab video; the song's censored in the original video on You Tube, & mamas ain't down w/ censorship):

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