Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy whiskey vs sad whiskey

yeah, it's mama's choice - the only choice she's gots...

& the only choice she'll have left if the gop-shop have their way.

& mama wants to know why she attracts the mens with the angsties. & mama needs to decide if her whiskey's gonna be sad or happy soon.

there is a bottle labeled sad; there is a bottle labeled happy...

mama will drink one or the other or both & she still be hurtled down that rabbit hole.

someone once told mama she had no integrity. mama sd, yeah, that left me when i stopped fitting into 36Bs, duh... then she pretended she fit them & now she do again, so what does that even mean?

mama  measures her integrity in underwire. just ask the fictiondaily boys she so admires...

mama admires a lot of boys & mama likes the sexing & that's the #1 reason that one sd all that shit.

but i am not cool enough for any of you

& i am sick of seeing womens with big heads on wee bodies...


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