Sunday, April 24, 2011

at the combination pizza hut & taco bell

mama's been thinking about you. this post is for you. there is no you. there is only you.

mama was gonna do an homage to wigleaf's un/happiness writers' playlist and list un/happy songs she listens to when she's stranded at Love's Truck Stop in the combo pizza hut/taco bell but then mama was distracted by the readings of the other entries... 

& wigleaf's playlist's gots Kyle Beachy, Ryan Bradley, mama, Gabe Durham, Erin Fitzgerald, Carissa Halston, Andrea Kneeland, Lacey Martinez, David Peak, Matt Salesses, Lucas Southworth, Amber Sparks, Terese Svoboda, and xTx. 

mama wants to give a shout out to Carissa Halston, both for her piece cos it's rocking, & for liking mama's, but sometimes mama feels shy about giving the shouts-out to writers she don't know cos then they might think things that are not so nicey-nice about mama or they might become twitter friends & rock (you know who you are, Tina, and let me know when new stuff drops...) or they might ignore her or mama might take it too far & ask them to be her boyfriend.

mama's all kinds of confused cos it's six in the morning & there ain't no gin and juice.


p.s. this song makes mama happy...


  1. You and your fucking expletives. Pushing away virgin-eared writers you don't know since [insert date you began speaking].

  2. Hi Ryder,

    Thanks for the shout-out. You've frightened me off not at all.

    I'll let you know if things "get weird," though it's unlikely.