Monday, April 4, 2011

i'll take happy

mama was gonna write an awesome post to you all but mama got distracted by a guy whose brown eyes somehow reminded her of whiskeys & whose voice made mama feel like she was wearing white eyeshadow and cat's eye eyeliner and mama still had her little pixie do...

mama with a pixie
that pix doesn't do the pixie justice cos mama's angry there cos someone grabbed the cd mama was cutting her cokes on & turned it over to check the song list out. mama thinks it may have been a weezer cd to boot.

irony or some shit.

mama still doesn't understand irony. still. really. someone please explain that shit to her.

all mama knows is that only one song on this tribute to elliot smith cd's aight & is that ironic?

is it as ironic as a weezer cd no one wants until there's some coke on it?

mama saw pixies once & they opened for weezer. really. & mama left when weezer came on & she wandered the fest by herself & boys kept trying to give her weezer tix. for reals.

there is no moral there. or irony. maybe.

someone take a pix of mama. someone take an arty pix. make it all black and white & nudey cos mama wants to be cool like you all;  she wants the graceful hint of nipple & the curve of hips without the close up of aerolea and pink & pores.

pores are gross & unironic. this much mama knows.


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