Sunday, October 24, 2010

peoples bore me

& i haven't thought about you in a long time. before you were like my fave song when i was young young young and i'd have you stuck in my head all day long and i'd try to catch you on my radio so i could tape you & i'd only get pieces here and there but i could combine those pieces and i did; there was a tape full of these pieces and i would play it over and over and the song became something more than it ever was. and i'd go to bed with the song in my head and i'd wake up with the song in my head and i'd wake up and i'd grown an inch and i'd wake up with cravings for reese's peanut butter cups and m&m's and cool ranch doritos and all sorts of processed shit i never eat any mores not cos my body's a temple or any crap like that but cos i no longer have a sweet tooth and i wonder where it went and where have you gone, too, cos i ain't feeling yas anymore.

now i wake up and i haven't grown any.

now i wake up and there is no one whose name i've forgotten in my bed.

i used to want you in my bed, on my bed, under my bed, on the kitchen counter with spatula spankings, in the shower, in my hallway up against the wall cos we couldn't even get past my door barely.

now mama needs a bloody, maybe some xanex, def some valium, and somethings to cheer herself up.

here is the thing to cheer mama up:
my poem has been nominated by shady side review for Dzanc's Best of the Web. it is the first poem there and that is their new issue.

here is the song Punkboy hears at work when he realizes Homegirl's really really in trouble. he cuts out of his shift & jumps on his fixie to go find her.

(there are boobies at the end of the video. yay boobies!)

Homegirl's in a standoff with only a baby glock against a mercenary with two sig-sauers and a Craig's List witch with two s&ws. i fucking kid you not. i am going all tarantino on homegirl; that is what happens when i'm no longer feeling ya.


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