Thursday, October 28, 2010

sam pink interviews me preview/the principal is yr pal

Pink: Describe the first day of school for a child that we have together.

Me: Our child will wear a bow in its very thin hair (my side of the family), whether it's a boy or girl. our child will wear second hand garanimals underneath overalls. our child will be afraid to cross the playground alone so we will hide in the bushes and blow small darts tipped in amphetamines at our child as s/he hesitates at the edge. our child will become high from the darts and run across the playground with a cape we didn't know our child had. our child will say something like, i am too cool for this world, and will end up in the principal's office on the first day. we'll have to come talk to the principal and our child. our child'll be gnawing on the leg of the principal's desk wearing only that cape by the time we get there, & you and the principal'll start talking about something like pastrami or tennis, and mama'll definitely need a drinky or three after all this.

1st day tweaking!

yours in dirty martinis,


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