Sunday, October 10, 2010

wanting the ending & not

i have been prolonging the ending of Homegirl! i think. i am intense and needy and i will miss her so much. i am prolonging the climax, teasing teasing the words now. tease tease with a little spit. tease tease with a little tweak. tease tease with a tongue tip here & a light finger there.

before i was compelled. 

before i was compelled & i ripped those clothes off Homegirl! and i pushed her down on the bed and i rough-tongued and slid all over and around & in her. & i couldn't get enough.

now i do not want it to stop.

it is just like sex & not.

just like fucking & i will be your little sadist. i will torture & propel Homegirl and Punkboy and Richboy and others for you. i will tie them down and their words and thoughts and everything will come out. & their words and thoughts and everything will be little babies crawling crawling and the little babies will cry and giggle and slobber all over.

you will read the babies; you will read the babies in order to put an end to them.

& this has nothing to do with any of it except i never want it to stop either cos it reminds me of babies and sex and Jesus Christ Superstar and whiskey manhattans and bullwhips.

yours in pleather,

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