Saturday, November 13, 2010

1: just 1 day til it drops, yes yes y'all

the final countdown til my chapbook drops.

here's how it's been going down. a question from Sam Pink (interview at the end of my chapbook) and an answer of some of my lines. if you wanna see the real answers to the questions, you gots to buy the chapthingy at Imaginary Friend Press.

Mr. Pink: Can you describe the time in your life surrounding the creation of your chapbook.  
Mama:  Global climate change erodes the last drawings of my heart, the walls of Lascaux.       You think you see a raw outline, you think you can capture          Mercedes-Benz ecstasy, little pink babies: I love you all, even you tornado alley, even you Typhoon Mary, even you concubine, even me ennui.

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