Sunday, November 14, 2010

yo. i am ackering as i write this

yes yes. climax.

my chap's been born! it's for sales here.

my baby has no father

my baby has no father unless sam pink counts

sam pink won't marry me, so my baby is a bastard

this is what the bastard looks like

i am a single mother now.

if this were the 80s, i'd be held responsible for the ruin of american civilization. some rightwing butplug would make an example of me.

if this were the 80s, i'd def have big shoulder pads and hair and coke dribbling out my right nostril

i would be a bad 80s mama and i'd plop my babies down in front of the tv

my babies would rebel by watching headbanger's ball and dancing like axl right out my door.

bye-bye headbanger babies, bye-bye.

your single mama,

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