Tuesday, November 9, 2010

5: counting down til that chapbooky thing drops...

5 days until my ho-chapbook, Orpheus on toast, starts selling itself online.

only $7 will get you my poetry + an interview by Mr. Pink and you can then submit your chapbook to IFP cos they are the nice peoples & they wants to see new voices getting published...

i am gonna count down the days with a question from the interview. i am gonna answer that question with a line or two from the book. if you want to see the real answers - if you have any curiosity about me at all or if you even like me or maybe you hate me and need more fuel for that hate, i don't care - buy the book cos it's cheap and good like a hooker w/ a heart of gold.


When you die, do you live in a small cardboard box in the middle of the moon, or do you get a hammock between two really close, small stars. or is it something else. if something else, please describe. 

There’s no lighthouse, now no house:
you dwell in the chutes; you’ll be going down again.

gots some AIH to walk you out...

yours in floozing, ryder


  1. So...your chapbook is Julia Roberts as Vivian Ward? Does your chapbook sing Prince in the bathtub?

  2. yes and my chapbook is gonna land Richard motherfucking Gere.