Friday, December 24, 2010

hot buttered rums

there are lots of things to talk about like -

peace on earth and some such shit

how to get a piece

how i giggle when a man says he likes his meat

how i like his meat

ho ho ho's just too easy

but i like hoeing in the gardens

i hoed the garden when i went to london

i'm drinking my second hot buttered rum of the eve and will soon ladle another down my gullet

i'll bathe in pooled butter and molten sugar and hot liquor

i'll stand in a snow bank & see if anyone comes by to lick it off

i'll melt the snow & stand in a puddle & someone'll put a scarf and hat on me and call me Frosty & i'll be the worst kid's movie ever

& this has nothing to do with any of it at all but this is my m.o: to tease & lead you here -

Freaky Fountain Press is publishing a couple of chapters of Homegirl! in an upcoming anthology & i'm so excited & i can't stop thinking about your meat...

i mean peace.

yo & yours,

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