Friday, December 31, 2010

perma-nips & dinner with the fam

& all i want to do is just rub and squeeze and rub and i'm parallel with the table edge almost and the moms is all like, how's the salad, and the pops is all like, what is this place, and the sisters are all like:

betrayer betrayer

& they're mixed up in some kind of Narnia or Secret of Nimh shit & all i can think about is my hard hard nips...

& the sisters see me kinda rubbing & they're like, is it worth it?

& i say, what?

& they say, bohemian grove and haliburton & all your other conspiracies...

& all i wants is someone to rub my perma-hard nips

& that's what gots me in trouble in the first place & those are not mine cos i wouldn't cover my nips up

& then there's bbq sauce & accusations & remoulade & fried green tomatoes & still my nips are hard hard hard

& my sisters are discussing the One World Government

& all i want is a one world fascist to flick my nips and fuck me

& maybe there's a code in my bbq tofu

maybe the trains'll run on time

& maybe my nips'll get played with soon

yours in conspiracies,

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