Sunday, December 5, 2010

this is the post where mama gets all reviewy and shit

& i have been meaning to write this post foreverever. for reals.

my review of Anthony Frame's Paper Guillotines  is up at Cervena Barva's newsletter

Dan Nowak is a friend of mine and his book Recycle Suburbia is my friend, too. his poems have taken me bowling & to a drag show & then we watched the Family Feud in Spanish together, all of us drunk on cheap vodka. yep yep.

Keyhole Press had a deal earlier and mama got three books for a niceynice price. just finished Matthew Simmons' The Moon Tonight Feels Revenge and let me say, fuck yes. that moon is feeling it. not only cos the book's dedicated to Boduf Songs but cos i can't stop thinking about stories like "Sleep Underground" and "This Mountain I Built." i've never slept underground or built a mountain but now i feel like i could...

& while mama's listing things -

new > kill author rocks! check out Alexandra Kontes' story, R.C. Miller's poems (especially the Bernhard one - yes!), and Tina Hyland's piece, along with all that other talent...

new decomP also rocks! & Tina Hyland's in it, too.

wow, good words make mama so happyhappy. so much happier than cyber-stalking all your new girlfriends...

your homegirl,

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  1. The Moon Tonight Feels *My* Revenge, i meant. mama needs to cut down on the afternoon manhattans...