Sunday, December 26, 2010

i am getting kicked out of my town

so i'll drive & drive & drive & there'll be balaclavaed anarchists waiting for me and they'll have fingerless gloves on & they'll welcome me with cold finger-tipped hugs & there'll be balaclavaed babies smashing smashing & there'll be a big mama who wants me nowhere near her babies & then her hubby'll come down again from the firmament & they'll fuck & the babies'll laugh & that is my jesus xtian story & i'll be left out & i'll go looking for Homegirl but she's on a train somewheres...

& the bitch is finally happy. after all i put her through & it was a fuck lot. it was. so she deserves her happiness.

& i'm not crossing the mason-dixon just yet. no.

i'll loop back to my old hometown just to say hey, just to say fuck you, just to say.

just to say, hi, maybe, to the ones who didn't kick me out & we'll drink manhattans and make out cos that's what you do when you're on the lam. innit?

or maybe i'll just go get my homegirl tattoo on. i'm finna get a heart with homegirl's name in it cos i'm a sap.

for realsies,


  1. I liked your piece for Abjective, so I thought I'd check out your blog. Then I found my name on it, which was really fucking weird.

    Hi. I'm Tina Hyland. We should be, like, blog buddies. Or twitter friends. If you do that. Or something.
    On twitter: AnnaNimh

  2. Hi Tina. I was liking your stuffs and now you like my stuffs and we will definitely be good blog buddies/twitter friends, if you still want. Yay!

    I'm Homegirlrc on the twitts.