Saturday, January 29, 2011


yep yep. it's that time of the month.

no, not the menses, you sick fucks.

okay, that's not fair. the menses is not sick. it's all beautifuls and natural. see, mama's practicing with the nicey-nice.

mama's going to awp & she's gonna see some writers face to face & she heard the writers when they're face to face like to suck face so mama's gonna play it coy cos she never does & writers are all a bunch a liars anyways.

but mama loves em all.

when she's not thinking about the throat-punching of them.

yours in d.c.,

1 comment:

  1. Lies. All lies. Like what writers tell. Missed you at the A-dubs. We need some girl on girl (yo) action soon or our two followers are going to leave us, ha.