Saturday, January 15, 2011

mama feels that creeping ennui

it is like kudzu & it climbs & wraps & grows & climbs & i can hear it growing growing, & there's no natural enemies cos mama's ennui's from japan or someplace. mama's ennui's almost smarter than me & makes me want to exoticize things or some shit.

mama's ennui sends her on safari. mama's seen things. strange safari things like loch ness monsters & kids in capes & bad brains singers & you have to pay the rent puppets & all these other pix she stole

mama doesn't own the pics but mama tried to claim them

mama tried to claim them and/or other them

that was the theorist ennui talking. ignore it or send it postcards signed, Love, Edward Said...

mama was bored & tried to claim whole continents at the bar & when they didn't even send her back a jim beam & coke, at least, mama said they couldn't get it up

mama's gonna burn the fucking kudzu. mama's gonna be burning up that kudzu with a can of petroleum & a flamethrower & then there'll be a woodsman & not a smokey the bear & the woodsman'll say, hey, give me your twigs.

cos the woodsman knows things no trucker'll ever know.

the trucker showed up on safari; the trucker could outlast the safari, but the trucker's on his own safari & his safari is all mac n cheese & not loch ness

& just in case the woodsman doesn't work out, & just in case the trucker safaris out, there's a rest stop a couple miles from my house. mama can walk it if she's drunk. mama's always drunk when the ennui hits & she still walks & walks.

yours cos mama knows how to pick em,

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