Saturday, January 29, 2011

i am giddy like a lip glossy teenaged postered wall pop music fan fan

it was 68 degrees here today. holy fuck it was awesome & nothing could get me down. not even the slow drivers i couldn't pass cos there's only one lane of traffic both ways. not even the wal-marts. not even the lack of good restaurants. not even the fact that you all are out there & i'm here. & i am loving Mark Ronson & the Business International & you all needs to check this song out cos it's gots boy motherfucking george & this nice youtuber's translated it into spanish for everyone...

check this new lit mag out, too. i am in their first issue! mama's adding that cherry to her collection. thank you, boys...

& mama's a little afraid we're getting into a rut. mama's afraid you know what to expect form her now & you're getting tired or you're just gonna settle. mama knows she opens with an anecdote that leads into some kind of news & she sprinkles it all with little jimmies of the sexings. mama knows & she just can't stop.

mama knows a lot of things & she just can't stop. like when mama goes way too goddamned fast & it's a two lane highway & she's trying to pass in the wrong lane & there's a pickup truck coming right at her & she barely makes it then laughs & laughs...

yes yes y'all.



  1. Diggin BOURBON PENN....nice look and a lot of good writing. Niceness. And, yeah, I'd add that cherry to the collection. "March of the Kewpies" was grand. Loved this display of pure voice in particular:

    "I grabbed whatever was near me, I think it was my grandfather’s cane and it turned into a snake and it slithered in my hands and wanted to get in my pants and I said, I ain’t no fairy, even though, for a minute I wondered what boy-flesh upon boy-flesh would feel like, but I threw the snake from me cause I was only thirteen and hit the kewpie mid-flight, luck on my side just then, and ran down the stairs and closed them up."

    Loved that like a bacon cheeseburger. Keep rocking.

  2. Sheldon,

    thanks. that was my first real southern story & for a real southern gentleman like yourself to like it means mucho good things to me. for realsies.

    big hearts to you,