Monday, August 16, 2010

Broke my cardinal rule & entered your bender

with disastrous results, of course; I am all bruised, physically, etc etc. There is fodder fodder fodder here and Homegirl will be munching the fodder; the fodder'll be coming out her ass by this time tomorrow.

24 hours to digest, biotches.

I'm back in the Alabamas and glad to be back, for once. That's how disastrous that bender-jumping turned out to be. I'm gonna sit on my porch with my shotgun and a jug o whiskey and that won't be ironic and I'll wear big sunglasses and fuschia hot pants and I'll count your finger tipped & finger shaped bruises vs. the coffee table edged bruises on my legs and if anyone tries to talk to me it'll be their fucking lucky day cos I'll give them a warning shot first to get the fuck off my shit.

Nicey-nice news: Homegirl flashes

More nicey-nice: Homegirl'll flash again, I promise.

More nicey-nice: I like merry widows and garters.

Most nice: Home

I'd have more in me but just flew across the country in a compact car crammed full of my stuff + two dogs. 15+ hours to get over the Mason-Dixon; met some nice Floridians and sweated in my kneehigh motherfucking cool ass boots I wear to scare rednecks at rest stops.

Bruised all over, but still yours,

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