Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Homegirl! hits 50!

& no, not 50 years old, but if she did she'd be a red hot mama cruising around in a 1970s Dodge Challenger and she'd be wearing silver hot pants and a bikini top and a platinum wig and a fake beauty spot and big sunglasses, of course.

She wouldn't look anything like these lovely ladies, but bicepy guys would fight each other to get close enough that she could touch or even lick one of their big muscles...

I tried to find a picture of an old lady in hot pants. I googled "old ladies in hot pants." Nothing. I googled "old lady" in hot pants & I found this...

I'm not quite sure what it is, but maybe my balaclavaed anarchists can use it to keep their dicks/strap ons warm.

I'm celebrating by thinking of anarchist sex and balaclavaed rim jobs, of course, the nubby texture an added bonus, oh yeah; I gots 50 pages of Homegirl!

What 50+ years old Homegirl listens to as she slams Irish whiskey and reminisces...

Yours, but writing, always writing,

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  1. Funny pic, great to get to 50 & nice music link too ;)