Monday, August 30, 2010

i have been drinking the sake & the gin & tonics & i'm full

of love...of shit...of love shit...of things...of love things

this is my homage to all the big boy drinkers who drink during the day; this is my homage and my homage is me in a white merry widow with blue bows and a red, but not raspberry, beret - egalite, liberte, etc... so francais, mais oui?,and nothing else cos i'm in the alabamas and it is always hot here and there is always body heat and i'm always thinking about that tin tub scene with kathleen turner, & i've got a bottle of chilled cheap sake in one hand and a pint glass overflowing with cheap gin and lime juices and the tonics and a few ice in the other, mais oui, and it's four in the afternoon here and not even happy hour and i don't have to stay here but it is my home for now and i will read some hst just to fortify me and keep me going for a few more days at least with the sakes and the gnts.

Here is a homage to all my big boy drinker/writers.

i've been trying to read all the shit & all the writers & all their blogs i love. that is why i'm full of love & not just lust at this moment; i am loving the way that some writers are now in my head and loving the way that i think some of them get me. check out the blogs i love if you want to get it.

& now i gots to get even more serious:

> kill author is off the chain or some shit; reviews are just popping up all over & i say big props & big kudos to > kill author

here are two reviews:

(seriously, check out not just these reviewed stories, but also the whole awesomecreaming issue.)

& then there's a review of my story, cos it's all about me, peeps, seriously, sometimes not really, but i was tot psyched to see this on > kill author, in fact i was worrying you'd think i was a pussy or something cos i  almost creamed myself when i saw this but i am a woman and i gots a pussy so i'm not too worried and if you think calling me a pussy's an insult or alluding to my bitchness or whatever's going to get me down, give me a fucking break, misogyny's been around for centuries, if i'm even gonna listen to, let alone get turned on by your misogyny you gots to keep it fresh, motherfucker, & this huge preface has no thing to do with the review cos the review's super awesome, so please forgive me, Andrew Roe, for my sake/gin&juiced digression.

i knocked someone's socks off without my small tonka truck, without my Shining twins triking into them...

speaking of, another piece of Homegirl!'s just been taken by Juked; it's called "Love things"; it's about love & stuff. Homegirl's psyched, as am i.

yours in love & things,

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