Saturday, September 25, 2010

Homegirl! lives in a world of mens...

i am wondering why there is only one woman real character in my novel and if that says some things about me. or maybe it says some things about misogyny. or maybe it says some things about misogyny and me.

for reals.

when i was young young young, i thought i was the only one who'd ever felt the things i'd felt and thought the things i'd felt and that no one'd ever love like me.

i was wrong wrong wrong...

but maybes that's why there's only one homegirl in Homegirl! maybe she thinks she's the only one who thinks and feels and loves like she do.

these are not deep thinking things.

these are gameday thinking things & i'll write as the marching band marches and the cheerleaders wave their stuffs and the mens on the fields slam into each other and grunt and the mens in the stadium get turned on by the slamming and the grunting and the tackling and the piling.

orgy on the field. yeah, baby.

> kill author keeps giving it to me good. in a good way. and I'll orgy them in their bunker some day. here are Cheyenne Nimes' thoughts on my story from their last issue.

am still digging Grinderman 2. who else do you know rhymes "epic of gilgamesh" with "pretty little black a-line dress"?

yours with luvs & spits,

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