Friday, September 3, 2010

mama drank herself silly: a play in one goddamn act

last night mama went to the bar.

last night mama went to a bar to escape.

last night mama went to the bar to escape the impending football madness. the descent of thousands and thousands of crazed fans who braveheart through the alabamas in campers and trailers and facepaint with the light of the lord shining through the darkness and crosses just in case.

last night mama fell down.

last night mama fell down and got back up.

last night no southern gentleman offerd to help mama up. mama woulda spit in their eye and sd something about ask me why and morrissey which woulda started a fight at the altbar she was at cos the altkids/grannies down here seem to hate morrissey for no reason cepting the meatmen want him dead and so does that eighties guy who wore overalls and had that video on onehundred20minutes and it was set in a junkyard, i think, but mamas's been drinking herself silly so mama's no help on that one.

mama ran into a wall near the bathroom.

mama thought the wall was molesting her; mama liked it.

mama said, are you a zebra?

mama said, why do you keep outrunning me?

mama didn't get no answer & mama musta liked that, too. maybe cos she was tired of migrant workers pretending not to know english so she'd go out in the fields with them & lay down & they could fuck her & then pontificate about immigration laws &/or the way the clouds look like dinosaurs, cotton candy, giant testes, etc...

mama said, scotus sounds like some kind of a disease.

the wall thought, some kind of a man.

mama said, a disease a guy'd be afraid of.

mama thought she heard laughter; mama said, are you jonathan franzen?

mama said, if you know the answer to this question, i'll go home with you. boy, you are every color?

the wall said, that's not a question.

the wall said, ma'am, stop humping me. the clouds look like jelly bellies and disappointment and you are breathing all my air.

the wall whispered, got a smoke?

mama said, the clouds look like nothing except random men's faces i've fucked. the blue of the sky is not bluer here it just pretends like everyone else.

mama said, the kudzu's gonna get you if you don't watch out.

the floor said, i'm waiting.

the floor said, i'm still waiting.

yours @ the end,

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