Thursday, September 9, 2010

a little extra Homegirl! goes a long way

like that bump you slurp up on the end of your last cigarette after an all-nighter and the dawn's saying hi.

Homegirl! interlude
(for Dan & Stacia cos I used the tubesocks, sexy sexy)

When Homegirl was much younger, she fell in love with Tubesockboy. In high school, Tubesockboy was caught in his backyard trying to even out a farmer’s tan by wearing tubesocks on his arms. Homegirl was in seventh grade and didn’t care; she thought he was cu-oote. Tubesockboy grew up, went to college, married a gorgeous woman who supported him emotionally and gave great blowjobs (and a bitch like that’s hard to find), and had two beautiful children; Homegirl not so much, not the degree, the spouse who eats her out, the children or any of it, but you probably figured that out already.

Homegirl’s thinking she should have taken it farther when she was younger; she shoulda worn tubesocks all over. She shouldn’t have cared so much what anyone thought.

She did have a fauxhawk for a while. It was ghastly.

And she had metal braces.

She never had acne, tho. She was lucky that way. Instead she uglied herself to get through her pre-teen years and then reversed and tried to fit in again. By that time, Tubesockboy was already gone Ivy-leaguing, meeting hottie-wife-to-be, both of them walking back arms full of books from an all-night study session at the library to their apartments pre-dawn and they fall in with each other and the sun’s just peeking through and there’s an empty construction lot and he says, Want to?, and she nods and there’s a crane and neither of them have ever been in a crane, let alone fucked in a crane, and so they have at it and the sun rises through the crane’s huge windshield and she’s straddling him and welcoming him and the sun and they come and the sun’s officially risen and it’s love love love.

Tubesockboy was Homegirl’s first crush; she shoulda gone out & gotten him. She shouldn’t have been so afraid of rejection. But, if she did, there’d be one less crane-sex experience in the world.


She still shouldn’t care so much what anyone thinks, but that’s my insight, not hers.

Sometimes tho very rarely Homegirl dreams of Tubesockboy and he’s got those tubesocks on and he looks so small and he’s doing some weird stiff-armed robot dance or maybe he’s running back and forth or maybe she’s the one that’s moving and maybe his arms are just outstretched like he’s trying to catch something and it’s summer and quiet cos the sun hasn’t come up, quite yet and a bat flies by so close to her head and she’s swaying through the air but she hasn’t caught on and so she looks around and up and down and then figures out she’s the one moving, she’s upside down, suspended somehow from a wrecking ball.

Yours in tubesocks,

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