Friday, September 24, 2010

of i do some things for good karmas

does it nullifies the good karmas if what i am doing i am doing for the good karmas?

is this like false humilities?

i am not a god or an icon & i have no answers for myself or anyone else. i'm gonna go eat the fuck out of some pizza and drink the fuck out of some beers & call it a goddamned Good Friday, motherfuckers.

before i go

support this

here is the info and a video you lazy fucks:

maybe you should stop whacking it so your wrists aren't so sensitive and you can click on mo motherfucking links. or if you're fancy with an ipad you can do more motherfucking scrolling.

& i am using whacking in a gender neutral way. & i am using lazy fucks in a tot neutral way, too...

yours in trolling and beers,

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