Sunday, September 19, 2010

some things like the jesuses and the supermeats

this is a picture of me. this is a picture of me before meat and jesus. i have bangs and boots. my bangs were straight cos i flat-ironed the fuck out of em. my bangs were straight until i left the house. look at how brown the grassdirt is. it is hot and humid and every now and then tho rarely it rains and after it rains it gets hotter and humider. when it rains the holy come out in white frocks and umbrellas and dance unto themselves and when it footballs the holy come out and toilet paper trees.

i will toilet paper myself and stand in the middle of town and pretend to be a tree.

i will be a toilet paper tree and when it is autumn i will drop individual sheets of tp. the tp'll get all dirty and tattered and the townspeople'll be sad.

when it is winter i will shiver in the middle of the town as a tree.

when the holy go by with their faith and football, i will follow them in my toilet paper tree glory.

they'll say, go away you freak, and i'll pretend not to understand them cos trees don't speak human.

i'll throw supermeat at them from my pockets cos you can buy supermeat in the town i live in now.  the supermeat will be slimy and rotten and toiletpapery from being in my pocket and the holy footballers will cry and flee & then i'll own the middle of town & if anyone wants lemonade or pizza or gapclothes or 5bros fries they'll have to pay a toll to get into my quadrant.

this may start a war some day. i'll have to definitely stock up on the toilet papers and bourbons before the armageddons.

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