Wednesday, September 1, 2010

cos i always takes it too far

just ask any guy i've dated or driven around in my wee car; there's no back seat, there's no way to really get down, but i wants to take it further, further than it will ever go, cos that's how i roll.

& the new Cricket Online Review just came out & that's my story that briefly mentions Sam Pink & that's what started my occasionally random too far blogging about him, well that, and the fact i love I Am Going to Clone Myself then Kill the Clone and Eat It, and the fact that he was looking for a girlfriend cos he probly scared the last one away & i was looking for a boyfriend cos i'm stuck in the alabamas & the baseball capped bubbas with their pickup trucks and their do whats aren't doing it for me, i mean, i've cruised migrant workers down here just cos i don't have to hear that idiotic deep alabamas twang when i'm with the migrants who know no english & that's even better & i'm fighting trees for air like that song goes, i'm fighting trees for shelter cos i've been looking for love like i said & it always always starts raining bullets & sometimes they're old school Confederate, sometimes they're hunters' bullets, sometimes they're just random.

And the trees are all like, What have you been doing with your life?

And the bullets say, Why you running through the dark?

The trees say, It would be so easy if you'd just acquiesce.

& the random says, Be my wife.

They are smart trees and i shouldn't laugh when they get torn down for new roads for more football fans and bible-thumpers.

They are smart bullets & they follow me as i drive my wee car around pick-ups, as i weave in & out of football traffic, they follow me.

They will find me, the bullets and the handicapped trees, the chopped limbs,  the twigs, even the decaying leaves will find me.

& they will either take me down or have a little sitdown  (yeah, that's the new Juked) to listen to Homegirl! for a little while.

Maybe the ex-Marine will have something to say about it all. Maybe the random will win over all.

Yours in thinking about the ex-Marine,

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